Parking in and around our Village

Parking in and around our Village

27th of September, 2021

The parish council acknowledge parking in the village can be difficult and would like to remind you the village car park has spaces for as little as £1.65 per week if an annual permit is purchased from Ribble Valley Borough Council.

Please can we ask everyone to be considerate when parking their vehicles and remember -

Dropped kerbs- a section of pavement that’s lowered to provide easier access for wheelchairs, mobility scooters and those with Prams. Parking against a dropped kerb carries a penalty charge notice with a fine of £90.

Parking close to a junction- as a guide the Highway code states 10 metres from a junction and not to park opposite -please take into account larger vehicles such as delivery vans and lorries, access for Emergency vehicles and vehicles pulling trailers.

Overhang into a road-Do not park vehicles where they overhang into the road.

You can report a parking problem to Lancashire County Council via the following link

Before you report a parking problem to LCC please take into account that they cannot issue a penalty notice if:

  • There isn't a parking restriction.
  • A vehicle parked on a yellow line is loading/unloading or picking up/dropping off passengers.
  • A disabled motorist has parked on a yellow line (single or double) for three hours or less.

If a vehicle is causing an obstruction where no parking restrictions exist, you could contact the police as they can issue penalties in these circumstances.