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A Little Bit of History

The village of Sabden grew from the hamlets of Heyhouses and Sabden Bridge and was primarily a farming and quarrying community until the arrival of the mills in the 19th century.

The water quality in Sabden Valley was suitable for the calico printing industry and at one time seven mills employed over 2000 people.

Only Union mill survives to this day with the huge Cobden and Victoria mills now developed as housing.

The Village Today

Sabden became a civil parish in 1904 and is part of the Ribble Valley from a council and electoral standpoint.

Very much a growing community there are, at the time of writing, two schools and three churches plus a post office and village shop .Two public houses and a sandwich shop/cafe do meals etc and there is a diverse range of small to medium businesses in Union mill and surrounding streets.

The valley has a selection of easy to difficult walks and is an ideal starting point to climb to the summit of Pendle Hill.

There is a thriving bowling club and local football team – events are publicised in the village Good News newsletter and the local newspaper plus displayed on village notice boards.

The Ribble Valley website gives tourist information and there is a more comprehensive history available on the internet.

The Role of Your Parish Council

To maintain and improve the quality of rural life in the parish for the benefit of all residents, whilst improving amenities whenever appropriate and within budget. Conduct affairs according to the recommended codes of practice and ruling legislation. Ensure accounts are appropriately managed and audited in a timely manner.

To maintain and improve public areas, to preserve our heritage, to be actively involved in environmental projects, enhancement and preservation of our parish. To always be aware of our location in an AONB. To work with local clubs/organisations, to liaise with Borough and Lancashire Council to continue a good working relationship.

Our thanks go to local residents for their permission to use local photographs and, in particular, to Paul A Olivant for the main header images.