Watt Street Bus Shelter

Watt Street Bus Shelter

7th of December, 2021

The parish council would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused due to works connected with the installation of a new bus shelter at the Watt St junction with Whalley Road.

When the development at Victoria Mill was approved the developer - Skipton Properties- were bound by the planning consent to pay an amount of money to LCC for the improvement of this shelter. LCC surveyed the site and the parish council agreed to a Victorian type shelter being installed- at that point a timescale for installation was not given. When works commenced to remove the old shelter last week LCC had not advised the parish council this would be occurring at this time. The parish council had been reliably informed at the time the order was made by LCC that it would be advised of the start date. Despite emails with our contact asking for progress we have never been given a start date. It transpires our LCC contact was unaware works had commenced and he is very embarrassed to learn of this from the parish council, he immediately contacted the supplier which also installs and they responded as follows:

'There was a slight delay due to unforeseen circumstances. We have re programmed the installation for this Friday.’

The parish council is continuing to pursue this and will do all it can to ensure the shelter is available for use as soon as possible.