Update on Safety at Bull Bridge

Update on Safety at Bull Bridge

6th of October, 2020

Lancashire County council Highways is proposing the following improvements at Bull Bridge -

  • Yellow backing boards to be added for both ‘priority over oncoming vehicles signs’ and these to be mounted on a cranked swell-based post, to highlight them more by offsetting them closer to the carriageway.   On the Clitheroe side, the new post would be located just to the right of the current lighting column position.

  • Addition of 'Road narrows' warning signs on both approaches and a single white on black chevron board at the bridge parapet for both approaches.

  • Repainting road markings - this work will be for the centre lines, SLOWs,  junction markings and hatching.

They aim to have this work completed as soon as possible and acknowledge it may be disappointing that they are not prioritising traffic calming measures here, but they hope the signage and road works they will be undertaking are reassuring.